Saturday, January 07, 2006

Manhunt by Janet Evanovich

Alexandra Cross, successful New York business woman has done the unthinkable. She has swapped her condo with jacuzzi for a hardware store and a log cabin in Alaska. Now, she has to live with this decision. Never mind that she knows nothing about hardware, hunting, fishing or living in Alaska. Luckily her neighbour is sexy Michael Casey who runs one half of a company that runs transport between California and Alaska. He is also a dab hand with an axe, gun, knife and just about everything else that Alex will need while she gets used to life in Alaska and everyone knows the man to woman ratio is favourable for manhunting up there. One reason why Alex has chosen Alaska is because she figures that she needs a husband. At 30 her biological clock is ticking. She knows what she wants (brown hair, stable, not too rich) and Michael didn't really fit it.

This isn't the first of the pre Stephanie Plum novels by Evanovich that are being rereleased that I have read, so I must be more used to what to expect, because I quite enjoyed this one whereas a couple irritated me no end. It still feels like the bare bones of a story with many things raised and not resolved at all, or quickly resolved. Alex and Michael meet and practically instantly are kissing.. well maybe not that quickly, but you get the idea. Lucky she finds perfect husband material in the first man that she meets, although it takes her a bit longer to figure that out. She finds a black teddy under his bed, we never know where from, although I guess that we are supposed to assume that it came from his ex wife who has moved to Florida with his son, a development that came up very quickly!! You want've got them in bundles.

If you want fluff to occupy a couple of hours then this will do.

Rating 3 out of 5


  1. Marg,

    Thanks for the honest review of this book. I love Evanovich but I might get this from the library (or on disc) rather than buying it!!


  2. I am doing all these rereleases from the library!! I bought one and really disliked it so the whilst I will be first at the door to get Stephanie Plum books, the rest I will borrow!