Sunday, February 26, 2006

Claiming the Highlander by Kinley MacGregor

I'll start this by saying that I have never quite got around to reading any Sherrilyn Kenyon or Kinley MacGregor books so this was a new author to me, and I am really glad that I have read some now!

Maggie has decided to take a stand. The women of the village will provide their men with any services until such time as the feud between the MacAllister's and the MacDouglases is ended. They are sick of their men folk being killed and injured in a silly feud that initially started because of a woman. Fortunately the MacDouglas women have taken a similar stand, driving the men of both clans to distraction, with no edible food and certainly no comfort.

The head of the MacAllister's, Lochlan, is desperate for anything to break the stranglehold when his younger brother Braden returns home from adventures in England. If any man were to melt the women's hearts and make them stop this foolishness then it is Braden, for he is a man that no woman can resist. Maggie is however going to make a determined effort at it. Unfortunately for her though, she has been half in love with Braden for many years, waiting for him to take notice of her. After deciding to go to the MacDouglases to make an offer for peace, Braden, Maggie and his brother Sin set off to go the enemies stronghold, and Braden does finally notice Maggie!

I really enjoyed this book, although I will admit to being more than a bit partial to a Scotsman, especially a brawny lad like Braden. Having said that, the details of how irresistible he was to any woman were a bit much, but overall he was likeable, and once he noticed Maggie, there was no doubting that his wandering days were over! Maggie was headstrong and capable and no doubt able to keep hold of Braden.

This is the first in the MacAllister brothers series, and I really wanted to read more about them, especially the dark and brooding Sin MacAllister.

Rating 4/5

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