Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where do you read?

Okay..this is a thinly disguised post about what I did last night!

Last night we went to athletics at the Commonwealth Games here in Melbourne, and had a fantastic time!

The events that we got to see were Men's Shotput, Women's Hammerthrow, a couple of events from the Men's Decathlon, Women's 400m semi finals, and then the semi finals and finals of the mens and womens 100m, and also a couple of 100m finals for EAD. The field in the Men's 100m included Asafa Powell, current men's world record holder.

The final event was the Men's 5000 metres and I have to say I have never been part of a sporting atmosphere like it!! Talk about electric! So exciting!

The funny thing was though, that there was a young girl sitting near me who read through most of the events. Whilst I had my book with me and read before all the events started I certainly wasn't reading during the races! It did make my heart swell though to see that there is definitely at least some of the younger generation who love to read so much that nothing will distract them!

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