Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back to the Bedroom by Janet Evanovich

Taking a break from the scheduled Nora Roberts readathon, I picked up Back to the Bedroom from the library. I keep on picking up Janet Evanovich books purely on the basis of loving the Stephanie Plum books, and this, as a strategy, has not always been successful

Back to the Bedroom starts when a piece from a surveillance helicopter crashes through the roof of David's neighbour's house. He has been itching to get to know the neighbour, Katherine, for a couple of months. Kate who has only recently divorced is living in a sparsely furnished house that she is struggling to keep hold of. She is a cellist in an orchestra, a soloist, a teacher and is always rushing around from one place to another at a frantic pace.

After an unfortunate accident where Kate breaks her leg, she is forced to slow down and spend time with Dave, and also her new boarder, a prototype for Grandma Mazur. Whilst Dave knows within the first couple of pages that he is in love with Kate, she is slower to catch on, having just gotten out of an unhappy marriage, and she is also concerned that Dave is a bum without a job. It turns out that he isn't but it takes Kate a long time to relax enough to realise that she has a good thing here! She also has to learn to accept the people around her as extended family, especially seeing as things don't always go smoothly with her own family. Of course, it sometimes is hard for things to go well, especially when there is a police raid on the house that they are watching from your house in the middle of a dinner party.

This was originally a category romance and you can tell in the way that the relationship develops at a breakneck speed! Overall this was a better read than some of the other rereleased Evanovich romances that I have read over the last year or so.

Rating 3.5/5

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  1. Boy..I was really tired when I wrote this!! Doesn't make hardly any sense!!

    Good thing I still have four more to write!!



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