Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Those gremlins!

Kristie posted recently about the gremlins that she has at her house that steal her books! I too have some gremlins around here. In my case they have run away with one of the books I borrowed from the library and today was the day that it was declared lost. So at this point I now owe the library money for a book that I am sure that I have returned - in effect paying to own a book I don't have!!

When you put this on top of the fact that I have just had to spend $1000 on my car today, it's not been a great day!

I was working from home the last two days for the first time. The plan is that this will become a more regular eventuality. I will however need to learn to stop getting distracted! Did however find some great emoticons to use in IM conversations. Never know when they will come in handy!

I still have a huge list of books out from the library even though I returned 8 items today...I borrowed another 6!


  1. Hi Marg~

    I had to stop borrowing books from the library because I'm always late & the fines add up to more than I want to pay for books I really don't want to purchase in the first place!

    Then there was the time I returned a book on cassette because it was damaged- the library then accused me of damaging the tape & they want me to pay for a new one. Lovely. I've given up on the library now.

    I see you've enjoyed Eloisa James & Lisa Kleypas. I've lots of James' books in the TBR, but Kleypas is hit & miss with me. Have you a copy of James' new one? Is it out down there? The one she wrote a new chapter for, I mean.

    I've not purchased it yet & am likely to wait for the new edition. I'm just curious as to your thoughts.

    I;ll stop hogging your comments now! Have a great day~

  2. I work in a library so I can see both sides of this story. Considering that you borrow, read and return so many books, I'd be inclined to believe that you did return it. At my library, we issue a receipt if it's a catalogued item, which gives you 3 months to look for it and get a refund. But if it was an uncatalogued item, like a paperback, we don't even look for those. There's just too many of them to go searching for it by the barcode and it would cost the library more to pay for our time looking for it than to just charge a replacement cost or mark it as a loss. All kinds of criteria go into what gets charged for and what doesn't. Hopefully they do the thing with the receipt that gives you 3 months to search for it.

  3. Amanda, I shouldn't really complain because I do use the library a LOT! And I don't normally have many fines on my stuff. On my son's stuff...different matter!

    Kiki, if it ever turns up then any money I have paid will be fully refunded! I guess for me I was annoyed, because in the last year I have borrowed about 200 items and never not returned anything, yet there was no recognition of that.



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