Sunday, May 21, 2006

William Marshal - Soundtrack of his life

Not too long ago I reviewed Elizabeth Chadwick's novel on William Marshal.

Today on her blog, the author has given us some details of the soundtrack that she has for the novel....There are some very interesting choices.


  1. Hi Marg,
    I read your review of The Greatest Knight over at another list and didn't realise until I read the same review on your blog that you were one and the same person! Thanks anyway and glad you enjoyed meeting William. He's definitely on my list of all time greats.
    I'm busy with his father's soundtrack at the moment, which is proving fun. Goodness knows what my agent is going to think of Thrice's version of Eleanor Rigby when she gets to hear it!
    Next time I do admin on my blog, I'll link to yours.
    All best

  2. Thanks for dropping by Elizabeth! Can't wait to read the next book.

  3. How cool! I've been a fan of William Marshal ever since hubby and I visited Chepstow on our honeymoon. My father-in-law was really into genealogy and had traced his ancestors to that area. Therefore we consider William to be part of our family.

    I'm curious to read the book!

  4. Julie, it is well worth reading!