Monday, June 12, 2006


Yes, that's right!! I have just finished my 100th book of the far!

My reading resolutions for this year were to read 200 books. It would appear that I am ahead of schedule! Yay!

My other resolutions were to read at least 25 of the books that I already owned at the end of last year and to read a wide range of genres.I am up to 12 on the first count so not too far off of target either. I've realised though that the reading of a wide range of genres wasn't exactly a specific target but I guess I am not doing all that badly there!! So far this year I have read 34 new to me authors, so all round it seems to be all good!!

As long as my reading continues as it has been shouldn't be a problem to reach the end of year targets I set myself.


  1. Congrats on the big 1 hundred!

    I wonder where I am...

  2. 100 books!!! Wow! Halfway through the year, you're right on track!

    And good luck with the game! I've got somewhat the same thing going on over here with the Oilers hockey game. The entire country's citizens are biting their nails and praying to the hockey gods ;)