Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Extreme Bachelor by Julia London

The second book in the Thrillseekers Anonymous trilogy by Julia London.

Living on the edge is nothing to the men who started Thrillseekers Anonymous, a members-only adventure service that caters to the rich and famous. But "extreme sports" takes on a whole new meaning when one of them falls off the edge - into true love...

A former CIA operative, Michael Raney loves that his new gig as stunt coordinator combines the two things he likes most in the world - extreme sports and lots of beautiful actresses. He has earned his reputation as the Extreme Bachelor honestly...but when one of the actresses on a new feature film turns out to be the only woman he could never forget, Hollywood's notorious heartbreaker will have to mend his ways and risk it all to win the one who got away.

Leah Klein hasn't seen Michael in five years, but she hasn't forgotten a single moment she spent with him. His entreaty to return to what they had is tempting - but his extreme past not only tarnishes what could be a new beginning, it's also dangerous...extremely dangerous...

Having really enjoyed Wedding Survivor when it came out, I have been eagerly anticipating this book for months, and I have to say that I wasn't really disappointed! I love the way that Julia London writes her contemporaries. I haven't read all of her historicals, but the ones I have read haven't really blown me away. I do have her latest historical here to read at some point though!

I also really enjoy the fact that this is a more hero focussed series that normal, even if some of the things are a bit....well, extreme!

Michael Raney is a well known man about town, and his town is Hollywood baby!! He's dated more than his fair share of starlets and actresses, but he hasn't really ever come close to commitment..well not since Leah. However his job got in the way there. Leah was never really sure what he did, but it turns out that he was actually a CIA operative.

When Leah and Michael are reunited on the set of a movie, Leah is less than pleased. When he dumped her 5 years previously, her world had fallen apart, and her career, and her love life, have never really recovered. When Michael sees her, he knows that it is his chance to get her back and live with the only woman he ever loved. For Leah though, the story about working for the CIA is a bit too hard to believe, and it is only when his past catches up with him that she REALLY believes it! Also getting in the way, Michael's womanising reputation.

I liked Leah, and thought that the emails back and forth to her friend Lucy about her bridesmaid's dresses were a good touch, and liked Michael as well, but I liked Eli from The Wedding Survivor more! Michael's desire to get back with Leah was well portrayed, especially the way he remembered even the little things about their time together.

I was hooked on this book from the beginning of the book, until about two thirds of the way through when the story arc with the inept former enemy was a bit of a stretch, but not as much of a stretch as the ending! Without giving too much away, the fact that Leah and Michael were still struggling with communication right near the end of the book kind of distracted me!

There's a new TV show on Australian TV which investigates those things that you really want to know like what's the best hangover cure, does chocolate cause pimples (no thank goodness!! Must be some of the other rubbish that I eat then!), and are you affected by lack of sleep. I have to say Thank You Julia London, for causing my reflexes to drop by 15% and my overall performance to slow down for at least a couple of days!

I am looking forward to the last book in the trilogy! Overall, this was an enjoyable read, but it loses a bit in the rating because of the ending!

Rating 4/5

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