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You Might Be a Fan Girl If

. . .You own more than one copy of a book

No, but I am really thinking about buying a second set of a series of books because I really like the pretty new covers!

. . .You have emailed or mailed a gushing letter of praise to an author.


. . .You belong to and participate in discussion at an author’s website or listserv.

Is it worse if you moderate at one? I am also a member of several others as well.

. . .You have voted in a contest as the behest of an author.

Just once.

. . .You have rearranged an author’s books at a store to give her greater visual exposure. (RFG)

Do people really do this..that's a no from me!

. . .You have given “conversion” packages of an authors’ works to another reader.

I haven't given packages but I have strongly recommended quite a few books to quite a lot of people

. . .You have written fan fiction based upon an author’s works.

Nope. Requires too much thought!

. . .You have given a 5 star review at just to counter negative ratings. (RFG)

Nope, although I have pressed the No button on the "Is this review helpful" a few times.

. . .You have named yourself after a favorite character, such as Mrs. Wolf MacKenzie. (RFG)

Um no. Mrs Jamie Fraser....hmm, maybe... Mrs Alexander Barrington. No. No.

. . .You see an author’s book at the store but refuse to buy it because it could hurt the author’s bestseller numbers or you buy it and go back and buy a second copy on the release date. (RFG)

If I see it and I want it, I buy it. I wouldn't have the foggiest of how that would affect numbers or anything like that.

. . .You know the street date of an author’s books and what it means.

Yes. And do I get out there and hassle the bookstore as to when I can expect to get my copy. Yes. Doesn't that just make me eager?

. . .You have reported a store for violating a street date. (RFG)

No. I'd be too damned please to have got my copy to worry about that!

. . .You have pretended to be more than one person commenting on someone’s blog in defense of your favorite author. (RFG) takes me long enough to get round the blogroll already without having to log in and be someone else!

RFG is an indicator of Rabid Fan Girl behaviour


  1. I refuse to answer this on the grounds that I might incriminate myself. ha ha Just kidding, let's see...

    Yes, but not on purpose. It's because I order a lot of books in bulk from Ebay and a lot of times there are additional copies in there

    Yep, I've done that.

    Yep, I also moderate one.


    No, not to give her greater visual exposure, but I HAVE rearranged books in order of series., I don't think so. I've strongly recommened some and even offered my copies on loan if someone was interested.

    Yep, sometimes. Of course, it's been a really long time since that happened. ;)




    Nope. Like you, I'd be excited about it!

    NO! That's just...scary behavior. LOL

    I'm probably borderline Rabid, eh?

  2. To be honest I think that it's hard not to be borderline rabid at one point or know..haven't had enough chocolate that day or something!

  3. LOL, I'm borderline too, maybe even a smidgen fan line...LOL.



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