Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A long night

There was much excitement here last night. The Socceroos going up against The Azzurri in the World Cup. This....is my night.

8.30pm Arrive home after going out for dinner.

9.30pm Into bed to get some much needed pre game sleep. Read one chapter of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, and then attempt to sleep. Took a while but got there eventually.

12.25am Alarm goes off with 5 minutes before the game is due to start. Well actually, the game doesn't start for another half an hour. Darn! Could have slept for another half an hour.

12.45am Chocolate...that will help me stay awake.

12.52am Harry Kewell isn't just doubtful, he is on crutches!!

12.58am Transmission lost. Missed the first 90 seconds of the game because there were no pictures.

1.22am Couple of close calls, with magnificent saves by Mark Schwarzer, who should have played all the games in the tournament in the first place!

1.29am Off the couch - best chance yet to Scott Chipperfield

1.47am Half time...maybe water will help me stay awake, because the chocolate certainly didn't! If anything the chocolate made me feel a bit sick!

2.06am Italy down to 10 men. Come on Aussies!

2.14am Beginning to doubt that I can actually make it through to the end.

2.49am 93rd minute - Dodgy penalty awarded. I am standing in the lounge room, hands on my face and head just about praying that it isn't going to all go horribly wrong. Goal scored to Italy. Australia's World Cup dream is over.

2.55am You would think that that would mean back to bed, but no...I stay up a bit longer to listen to the post match commentary.

3.33am In bed, but still awake. Can't sleep!

6.18am Up again, and so overtired! Have to make it through the day now.

Well done Socceroos!!! This was only Australia's second World Cup Finals appearance. During this tournament we scored our first ever World Cup Final goals, had our first ever World Cup Finals win, and I think done immeasurable good for soccer in Australia!

Oh, and I also discovered that my handwriting is terrible to read when your write things down in the middle of the night!


  1. Clearly you have the wrong focus... where's the Nic/Keith posts? What kind of Australian are you???! ;)

    I have to admit, when you first started posting about the Socceroos, I thought that was your pet name for the team or something. I thought "Socceroos?" Seriously? But I've come around to the name now :)

    Over here in Canada, we had the same sort of excitement going on for the hockey finals (it was the Edmonton Oilers, thus Canada, and the Carolina Hurricanes, thus America, and it is widely know that hockey is CANADA'S game). Since I live in Edmonton, the hockey craziness was the most intense, but damn if it wasn't fun and made the city a great place to live for months as everyone waved their Oiler flags, hosted hockey parties, and glued themselves to the TV all the way to the finals. Believe me, it was a SAD sad day when we lost in the 7th of the best of 7 final series, but we were proud of them.

    Anyway... the point being, I feel for you. Dang Italians :)

  2. I watched this game today and thought of you and the agony.

  3. OMGOSH!!

    Those 90 seconds of nothing was TERRIBLE!!! We were going nuts, wondering what the heck was going on. It was annoying that we missed the kick off. *sigh*

    But wow, you did good with jotting down those key moments of the game! I was wondering how you were able to be so precise! Hehe.

    So how did you go about surviving the rest of the day with the lack of sleep?

  4. Yes, I have a Brazilian exchange student is like watching my friends watch hockey. I am a baseball fan myself, but hockey is Canada's sport. To think our national sport is lacrosse... Think they would have changed it. :)

    Anyways, that's too bad that they are out!

  5. Kristina, I listened to Keith music all day Friday in honour of his impending nuptials. The Wedding of the Year was quite a big deal here!!

    Grace, that 90 seconds of nothingness was very scary wasn't it! I was okay at work yesterday, but I was in bed EARLY last night!!!

  6. VERY scary!! We were worried it was going to last for a long time, but even that minor 90 seconds was a long time. We missed kick off! LOL.

    I tried to get to bed early last night, but it didn't work, even though my body was screaming to knock out. But tonight, tonight I plan on catching up.



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