Saturday, July 15, 2006


Found this information over at Bookwritingblog.

Seems that one of Australia's most famous writers, and a Nobel prize winner, wouldn't get published today. A chapter of Patrick White's The Eye of the Storm was submitted to several major publishers and not one of them has accepted. The fact that the work was submitted under the name Wraith Picket should have been a dead giveaway that something was up surely?

The most interesting line to me?

In his rejection letter Nicholas Hudson of Hudson Publishing said the writing left him perplexed.

"We regret that we cannot make an offer for publication. Why? The first and easy answer is that we try to curb all desire to publish novels. This is a matter of self-preservation: the Harold Park Trots are by comparison a rational way of earning a living."

Makes me wonder what other authors there are out there that wouldn't be able to get their books published in our time. Tolstoy? Steinbeck? Austen?

Who knows, but it does make you think!

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