Saturday, September 09, 2006

A dilemna

I am going on holidays tomorrow for a week. In theory there will be warmer weather and sunshine...yay!!! That means me in my beach gear....not so yay!

So have I started packing my stuff? Nope.

How about my son's stuff? Nope.

Thought about games and entertainment and things to keep two 7 year olds entertained on a plane and at nights? Nope.

So what's the hold up? Well......I can't decide what books to take with me. In my head I have changed the list of books that I am taking with me at least three times. And that was before my friend rang me and said "Can you bring me some books to read too?". I have no idea what she likes to read!! The pressure is on!

What's that you say? My priorities are a bit wrong? Maybe, but what can a say...I'm a reader!!!

Oh, and I have one more review to write before I go, but I probably should do that later tonight when everything else is ready to go!

I might see you before, but if not.....see you next week!


  1. I always have a hard time deciding what books to pack for vacations too! I usually pack about twice as many as I need and then end up cursing myself because my bags are too heavy. ;)

    Have a lovely trip!!

  2. Have a great trip Marg!!!

    Vez xxx

  3. Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your blog!

    Hows about you just scroll down your TBR (since I know yours is in excel) stop randomly highlight a section about 40 long, whichever ones you have already and don't have to buy you take with you!

    Have a great holiday!!!

  4. Books are the most important. You can always buy everything else you need ;)

    Have a great vacation!


  5. Hey, what books to take on a trip is very important. I always over-pack the books, because... *cue scary music* what if I run out? It's happened before.

    Hope you're having a great trip!

  6. Dang - I hate when the page doesn't reload. I missed you before you left. Anyway - that's the club we are all in. Whenever we go somewhere - the first and most important thing is what books do we take????

  7. I always have too many books with me too!

    Have a great time!

  8. Now see my husband acted like I was the only person in the world that put more thought into what books to take on vaca than what clothes. lol. Glad I'm not alone. Make good book choices and have fun!

  9. Hope you're having a great time, Marg! Now I'm wondering what you finally took to read? lol.

    Chris x

  10. So Marg do tell, which did you take!!

  11. oh that was vez lol



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