Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My dream library

A little while ago, Kailana asked an interesting question - what's your dream library?

Jennie linked to these pictures - why use words when pictures will do! As long as there is a comfy chair somewhere in one of the corners I will be happy!


  1. I love looking at those pictures! Yeah, I'd take any one of them, but add a Lazy-boy and a fireplace. :)

  2. I saw those at Jennie's. Aren't they gorgeous!!! Now if only they held 75% or more romance, I would never ever leave!

  3. My ideal Library would be like the one in "The Thirteeth Tale". Dusty, kinda musty but comfortable. Oh lol I'm your reading buddy from ABH. =) Did away with my msn space blog and moved to here.

  4. Loved the Beauty and the Beast one too and WOW I love thos pictured! Does anyone else get a yearning feeling in their guy looking at libraries like these?

  5. CRIPES, GUT not GUY! ::slapping forehead::

  6. Jennie, they are gorgeous aren't they!

    Kristie, I'd be happy with 50% romance!

    Kathy, I'm glad you have moved over here! I will add you to my list of blogs to read!

    Zeek, I definitely get a yearning when I look at pictures like these!

  7. I keep saying the same thing but my ideal library is the one from Beauty and the Beast.



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