Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich

Miami is still freakin' humid. The nights are even hotter. And there's a body on ice. And that's just the beginning of this adrenaline-rush of a hot-wired ride from phenomenal number one New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich.

A woman with a taste for speed and a talent for breaking the rules, Barney also knows a little too much about cheating. First there was Hooker and that salesclerk. Now she's convinced one of the competitors is up to no good on the track. Snooping to find evidence, Hooker and Barney "borrow" a NASCAR hauler. Turns out, the hauler is carrying two race cars and a dead guy. It looks like Barney and Hooker are facing multiple counts of grand theft auto and homicide.

So buckle up as Barney, Hooker, a 150-pound bundle of Saint Bernard love named Beans, and the Super Cigar Ladies Felicia and Rosa shift into gear on a wild race around South Florida and Concord, North Carolina.

Everything you always wanted to know about righteous indignation, stealing an eighteen-wheeler, and sex in the fast lane.

What to say...what to say.

This is the second book in what are apparently being called the Barnaby Novels, after Metro Girl. Alex "Barney" Barnaby is working as a spotter for Sam Hooker - NASCAR driver. Now I have to admit that I don't know the first thing about NASCAR. Whilst I have been to a couple of Formula 1 Grand Prixs it is impossible for me to tell who is winning when all those cars are going around and around such a small track! Maybe I was a little lost right from the get go in this book.

Whilst Barney and Hooker have been a couple in the past they are no longer, but they still flirt like crazy, which is understandable since Hooker is apparently completely irresistible to all women everywhere. There are a couple of things from the past though that I know that some people won't like, most notably an episode where he was unfaithful some time before.

With dead body after dead body, incompetent bad guys, and lots and lots of goofy characters, this is pretty much standard Evanovich fare, but nowhere near as funny or as comforting as a Plum read. I guess in a way I feel a bit guilty saying that as I am sure that Evanovich wants to write things other than Plum and have everyone enjoy them.

Will I read the next Barney novel? Probably. Do I expect to absolutely love it. Probably not.

Rating 3/5


  1. You know, I feel the same way about feeling a tad bad for saying the Metro books don't hold up to the Plums. I'm sure she wants to write something other than Stephanie, but perhaps she should think of a whole new concept? The truth is, the Metro books are Plums with a different back drop and they aren't even that great an imitation. I'll read the rest that come out of course, but...

  2. I'm waiting to hear what the book that she is writing with Stephen Cannell is going to be about.