Saturday, November 11, 2006

November Calendar

Deb over at Chappysmom is having a contest where you need to post the November picture from your calendar because as she says quite often the picture for November can be pretty dreary.

Whilst most of the calendar pictures being posted are very attractive, mine is not as pretty as everyone elses but the message is a good one for us here in drought stricken Australia. It comes from a calendar given out by one of the water companies here and focusses on water conservation.

Editted to add: Just a quick anecdote! I have to have words with my brother in law. He apparently told my son that you are only allowed to have 52 showers in a year because of the current water restrictions! Of course, the 8 year old completely believed him, and it has been a real battle to get him in the shower the last couple of days! LOL!!


  1. Thank you for the calendar! Very environmentally correct (grin).

  2. yes it is! We have such bad water shortages at the moment though it is timely!



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