Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Library crazy still

It's been a while since I did this, but it shouldn't surprise anyone to know that my library list is once again out of control. A weird thing happened yesterday though...just about all of them had their due date extended to 30 November but I didn't do it!

Checked out from one library I have:

Anastasia : a novel by Falconer, Colin

Anybody out there? by Keyes, Marian

Children of destiny by Chadwick, Elizabeth

The dawn stag by Watson, Jules

Dime store magic by Armstrong, Kelley

Dreaming the eagle by Scott, Manda

The expected one by McGowan, Kathleen

Fantasy lover by Kenyon, Sherrilyn (Can't extend this one)

The glass castle by Walls, Jeannette (Finished this one already)

Holiday in death by Robb, J.D.

Ill wind by Caine, Rachel

In my heart by Thomas, Melody

In the prince's bed by Jeffries, Sabrina

The iron giant. (DVD) Not for me!! but for once there are no Pokemon books on the list!

Kiss from a rogue by Karr, Shirley

Light in shadow by Krentz, Jayne Ann

Master quilter by Chiaverini, Jennifer

Midnight angel by Kleypas, Lisa

The murders of Richard III by Peters, Elizabeth

The observations by Harris, Jane

Princess by Foley, Gaelen

The rake by Enoch, Suzanne

The right attitude to rain by Smith, Alexander McCall

The ship of brides by Moyes, Jojo (this one would qualify for the November reading challenge as well!)

The silver pigs by Davis, Lindsey

The snake, the crocodile and the dog by Peters, Elizabeth - Reading this at the moment

Something borrowed by Giffin, Emily - Can't be extended!

Taking liberties by Norman, Diana

Thirteen moons by Frazier, Charles

Through a glass darkly by Koen, Karleen

To Sir Phillip with love by Quinn, Julia

The Twylight tower by Harper, Karen

Water for elephants by Gruen, Sara (Did you hear that she got a huge deal for the follow up to this book?)

The winter queen by Stevenson, Jane

Zipporah, wife of Moses by Halter, Marek

The books I have on request are:

Angels Fall by Roberts, Nora - this is on it's way now so will pick it up tomorrow.

The ballad of Desmond Kale by McDonald, Roger

Black powder war by Novik, Naomi - on order

The Book Thief by Zusak, Markus

Cocaine blues by Greenwood, Kerry

Dance of the gods by Roberts, Nora - no. 20 on this list for this

Darkfever by Moning, Karen Marie

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris - ready to pick up

The invisible ring by Bishop, Anne

The keep by Egan, Jennifer

Morrigan's cross by Roberts, Nora - this should come in later this week.

Motor mouth by Evanovich, Janet

Queen of swords by Donati, Sara - on order

Rebel angel by Bray, Libba - on order

Santa, baby by Crusie, Jennifer (anthology) on order

The scarlet lion by Chadwick, Elizabeth - on order

The tenderness of wolves by Penney, Stef

From the other library I have

Excalibur edited by Richard Gilliam

Mirabilis by Susan Cokal - (started reading this but it is very strange!)

So that should keep me going for a little while shouldn't it?


  1. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you *may* have a problem ;)


  2. All I can say is, I am awed :-)

  3. Maybe if I get through them all I will be too!



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