Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Is this the only place in the world where you get a public holiday for a horse race?


  1. I've come to realise that it's actually better NOT to have a holiday. Because let's face it, no one does much work on Melbourne Cup anyway. And if you're lucky, your boss will shout a round of drinks. :-)

  2. Really? I think my sister will want to move there when I tell her that.

  3. No. In PEI some (although not all - possibly just civil employees?) get Gold Cup and Saucer day off in August. It's the day of the big harness race (just a different type of horse race than you). This is part of the "Exhibition" that you might have heard on from the Anne books (where Anne wouldn't bet on the horse race with Diana...). They get it off instead of another holiday that people frequently get it off in August.

  4. I have to side with Cindy.

    Which race is it?

    And speaking of horse races-have you ever seen that Phar Lap movie? That's probably a redundant question, but I'm curious. :P I LOVE that movie.

  5. Sassy...thank goodness we are not the only race obsessed people in the land!

    Ames, the horse race in question is the Melbourne Cup, always held on the first Tuesday in November. And you know, I haven't ever seen the Phar Lap movie! There was big news here a couple of weeks ago when they proved that he died because he was poisoned!!

  6. How did they do that? Dig up that poor horse's body?

    It's a good movie-I have it on VHS. Looking for the DVD, but it's really old.

  7. His body is in the Museum here, and I think they did DNA testing or something on his hair.



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