Friday, January 26, 2007

Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter

Dangerous. Sensual. Handsome as sin. Meet Hayden Rothwell, the shamelessly erotic hero of The Rules of Seduction and author Madeline Hunter’s most irresistible alpha male yet: a man of extraordinary passion and power, a man who can bring out the seductress in any woman...

He enters her home without warning or invitation -- a stranger of shadowy motives and commanding sensuality. Within hours, Alexia Welbourne is penniless, without any hope of marriage. Until Hayden Rothwell takes her to bed. When one impulsive act of passion forces Alexia to marry the very man who has ruined her, Hayden’s seduction of Alexia is nearly complete. What Alexia doesn’t know is that her irresistible new husband is driven by a secret purpose -- and a debt of honor he will risk everything to repay. Alexia is the wild card. Reluctant to give up their nightly pleasures, Hayden must find a way to keep Alexia by his side...only to be utterly, thoroughly seduced by a woman who is now playing by her own rules.

Madeline Hunter is a completely new to me author. I don't recall having even heard of her until I read some reviews of this book over at, and as soon as I read those reviews, I HAD to go and get this book, and boy, am I glad I did!

Hayden was almost the ultimate man of honour, allowing people (including his wife) to think the worst of him rather than spill the secrets that he holds about certain people. I totally bought the growing feelings between him and Alexia. She in turn was intelligent, feisty and realistic - she was the poor relative, but she was not a martyr, not willing to sacrifice on the altar of marriage just to save her family. She also realised that by making the choices that she made she was going to alienate some people that she loved, and made considered decisions accordingly. The background story was extremely interesting, although I did cringe at just one aspect about Alexia's cousin Ben, who she thought was going to offer for her before he died whilst fighting another country's war.

There were interesting secondary characters, particularly Hayden's brother and Alexia's friend and her cousin as well. I love a series, so here's hoping we will get to see more of these characters. It looks as though there is a connected book due out in September called The Lessons of Desire.

For a much better review, click here and here for the two Ja(y)nes thoughts.

One indication of how much I enjoyed this book is that as I sit here thinking about what to say I find myself wanting to reread this book, even though I only finished it on 3 January. I don't really do rereads - in fact last year I only reread one book, and that was a book I read in high school.

I will definitely be reading more by this author!

Rating 4.5/5


  1. I have this in my TBR pile. In fact, I picked it up this afternoon, but decided on another book instead (Simply Unforgettable by Mary Balogh)

    Other than Rules of Seduction I've read all of Madeline Hunter's books. She's an excellent writer. As much as I enjoyed her most recent series, I enjoyed her medievals even more.

  2. I've heard that Hunter's medievals are awesome. I read several in her most recent (Regency) series, and I thought they were okay. She reminds me of Liz Carlyle a bit. I liked "The Charmer" and "Lady of Sin" the best.

  3. Oh - you really need to read her medievals. They are worlds better than her more recent ones at least I think so. And I know quite a few others do too. Mind you I've heard good things about this one. I have it but it's still yet to be read.

  4. This one is grand. Her regency's are good - some better than others of course. And her medievals are must reads.

    By Arrangement is my fave of the med's. I loved The Seducer and The Sinner. Wasn't crazy about The Charmer or Lord of Sin. Lady of Sin is a great read too!

    Oh hell read them all *g*.

  5. I'm reading this one right now, and I'm liking it very much. I still prefer her medievals (I agree with all those who tell you you need to read those), but this is one of her best since she started writing 19th century.

    Has anyone heard anything about the next book? I can't find any summaries anywhere. I'm guessing it's going to be about one of Hayden's brothers. The character I'm most interested in, though, is Alexia's friend Phaedra.

  6. On Amazon there is just the title - nothing on her website. I was wondering if Phaedra and the brother will end up together, or the brother and her cousing.

    Either way I think the the next two books will be about the brother and the cousin.

  7. I love Madeline Hunter's medievals, too. Her Regency books didn't really click with me...but I definitely need to be on the look our for her newer titles like this one.

    Great review, Marg. :o)