Sunday, January 07, 2007

Slave to series!

One of the recent release books that I want to buy as opposed to get from the library is the School for Heiresses anthology that features novellas by Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle, Julia London and Renee Bernard, but I do have a bit of a dilemma, and it is one that will come up more and more I think as I read more and more series.

The stories in the anthology are part of series (actually I don't know about the Renee Barnard one, but the others are). The Sabrina Jeffries follows on from the two books in her current School for Heiresses series, which I haven't read. I have only read one of her books and have another one out from the library at the moment, but they are part of the Royal Brotherhood series not her current series.

Next up, the Liz Carlyle is like an introduction to her upcoming trilogy so there is no issue about reading that.

With the Julia London, her novella features characters that are introduced in The Hazards of Hunting a Duke, which I own but haven't read yet.

So my dilemma is how to read this anthology without buggering up reading the series - if I only read the two stories that aren't part of series how do I count that on my reading stats, and can I cope with only reading half a book now and then another bit later, and then another bit later than that!

What?..............................Anal you say? Well, they're important issues to me!!


  1. It IS anal of you, but I totally identify with the dilemma, lol! I used to force myself to read all the stories in an anthology for this very reason (it would have been cheating to write it down in my spreadsheet otherwise, right?), and also because I felt wasteful if I'd paid for an entire book and read only, say, a quarter. I'm much more relaxed this way. I read only the stories that interest me, and I simply note down the actual number of pages read in my records.

  2. Just discovered this is the introduction to Liz Carlyle new series. I'll have to get even if it's just for that story...
    I usually read all the stories in an anthology too, it doesn't feel like I read the whole book if I don't :-)



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