Sunday, January 21, 2007

Very strange

Some of you may know that just before Christmas I started doing card making. I'm not really a crafty person so whilst it is fun it is also quite challenging for me.

Starting last Friday night, I have signed up for a monthly card making workshop where a group of us will get together, learn new things and just have a chat and some wine or stuff.

Anyway, a couple of days before the first workshop, we got an email saying having a think about what we had coming up, and we may have some free time where we could make birthday cards etc. So I was thinking about what I have coming up and was compiling a list (couple of birthdays, an engagement etc).

So I went to bed thinking about my list, and I dreamed about the list of cards that I needed to make, and I very vividly dreamed that I needed to make a With Sympathy card. Even when I woke up it was very clear that I needed to make one, but I had no idea why or who for. We didn't end up having very much free time, so I didn't make it.

Today, a family that I have been friends with for 20 years have rung and said that they were on their way over from Adelaide to Melbourne because his grandmother has died, so we are going to have lunch with them today. My sister was like "so this is who you needed the sympathy card for".

Very strange!


  1. Ack! Eerie! I don't think anything like that has ever happened to me before. At least not that I can recall. lol.

  2. Makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck when things like that happen.

  3. WOW - now that is scary. Had my hair standing up...*shudder*

    I want to say sorry about your friend's grandmother. My symapthy to you and your friend :)

  4. My sympathy also. Isn't it amazing how in tune we are with the universe?


  5. I have stuff like that happen to me all of the time! It freaks my husband out in a major way!

    I'm sorry for your friends's loss too.