Saturday, February 10, 2007

10 Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Bookwormmom to do this meme. The thing is, I actually struggle to find 3 interesting things about myself as opposed to 10 weird things, but here goes:

1. I am not a shoes and handbag kind of girl. I hear people gushing over shoes and the like and just don't get it. In fact I own about 10 pairs of shoes, but only really wear two pairs, and those I will wear until they are just about dead and then, and only then, I will go and get new shoes.

2. I don't really like shopping for clothes either. Put me in a bookstore or a papercraft store and I am happy. Other than that, forget it!

3. I don't like any kind of melon. When my mum comes over I buy her some rockmelon but I have to completely clean the fridge out when she is gone because I can't stand the smell of it. I don't eat watermelon but I can live with it in the fridge.

4. Here's one some of you already know about - I have to read a series of books in order. It freaks me out if I can't.

5. I usually visit my library at least twice a week. I currently have 44 books out - although I will be returning at least 6 early next week.

6. If the phone number doesn't display on my mobile phone I won't answer the call.

7. I swear like a trooper at work, a lot less at home. Nothing wrong with this picture except I work for a major church based organisation!

8. I love watching sport...any sport really. Haven't played any myself for about 12 years.

9. I am addicted to Coca Cola.

10. My ex left 4 and a half years ago. In that time I haven't met anyone, given anyone my phone number, kissed anyone, held hands or anything! Of course, he has basically been the opposite. Oh well.

Apparently now I need to tag 10 people, but I have no idea who has or who hasn't been tagged, so whoever wants to do it can!


  1. I'm totally shocked. I never would have picked you as a potty mouth!

  2. I know what you mean about the clothes and shoes. But I love me a good handbag. Mind you, I won't spend money on an expensive handbag. I'd like carry more money in it than what it's worth :)

    I also have to read books in order. And I never answer the phone unless caller ID says it's someone I know.

    And I visit my library at least 3 times a week, but since I work there... I guess that doesn't really count :)

    We seem to share a few of the same quirks. Although... I'm addicted to diet Pepsi. In some parts of the world, that would make us archenemies ;)

  3. I 'm with you on 1 & 2, but I love melons. All kinds.

  4. Book shopping is the only type of shopping I can get really excited about too. Clothes shopping is fun for about 15 minutes and then I lose interest. :)

  5. I'm with you on the shoes and purses. And on the Coca-Cola! Been drinking it since I was 4, probably younger. The hard stuff, not that caffeine-free or diet variety.

  6. I know...what is that about. If someone from work is going to buy drinks, they will say Diet or Lemon or Vanilla. I'm like.....just the real stuff!!!

  7. Love the quirky stuff there Marg, except that it isn't all THAT quirky! Normal to me anyway - I don't get excited about shoes. I only wear about two or three pairs all the time! I hate clothes shopping! I won't even spend the extra time to stop and try things on.

    All that isn't quirky. LOL

    As for the melon and having to wash out your fridge - that, I am sorry to say, is quirky! LOL

    I too HAVE to read in order of a series too (as per our previous contact where I asked you the order of the Phryne Fisher books!)

    All very normal stuff I say!

  8. 1. Thank you! I only ever wear sneakers and they have to be falling off my feet before I remember stores sell them ;)

    3. Bananas - hate 'em and the smell of them makes me gag.

    6. There are times when I know the number calling and still won't pick up!

    7. Yippee!!! I like knowing I'm not the only potty mouth around.

    9. It's crack really and I love it!


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