Friday, March 09, 2007

Something I whipped up earlier

Well, not exactly, but you know...

I am going to be sending a book to a friend of mine soon, and she really liked lighthouses, so I was trying to make a card that featured one. In the end I ended up with seashells as opposed to lighthouses, but you know, things don't always end up precisely how you plan! So, the lighthouse is on the inside of the card!

The other thing is that for the workshop thing that I go to each month we have a theme for things that we need to do, and this month's is stamping. I wanted to try stamping on vellum, so this seemed like as good a opportunity as any.

As usual I am not 100% happy, but I am not sure that I ever will be. Most of the time I end up thinking that the cards I make need something...something a bit extra, but I still haven't quite worked out what that something is!

The papers are actually from some packs that I got from some packs that my local scrapbooking shop puts together each month. The owner puts together 4 packs that contain a few different pieces of coordinating papers, plus some embellishments of some kind. I've been buying them for the last couple of months, simply because I am not very adventurous when it comes to putting different packs of paper together, so in theory I am using them to get some inspiration. In reality, I like to sit there and look at them for a little while when I pull them out to look at them. This is the first time I ever got around to using any of them! In addition to the three different papers that I used there is also a brown card that goes with the pack that I couldn't really fit into this card.

Of course, as soon as I start making a card my son decides that he wants to make one as well. This time he was remarkably self controlled and didn't go completely overboard. And he managed to use the lighthouses!


  1. Hi there - I followed a link from Rhi and found your pretty lighthouse cards - they are lovely - both your's and your son's - looks like you need to watch out for this Young usurper!

  2. Thanks Kathy!



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