Sunday, March 04, 2007

Still making cards

I have been making some cards, mainly on demand. You know the type...."Oh my goodness it is *insert name here*s birthday tomorrow/in a couple of days.

Here's some of the cards that I have made this month. The first one is for my sister's birthday. I went to the craft store and saw the circular stickers and thought I could do something with them, and then made the rest of the card around them. Of course, I got in trouble at the craft store because they are bottle cap stickers and that isn't what they were going to be used for, but never mind. I'm sure she recovered by the next time I went there! I'm not 100 percent happy with it. Think it probably needed black underneath the chinese lettering paper, and then a smaller black square beneath the stickers, but it isn't too bad I guess. It's also the first time that I have done anything other than the standard shaped card really.

The next one is one I made for a family friend. Of course, being the super critical of myself kind of person that I am I am not overly happy with this one either. It's for a man, which seems to always be difficult but hopefully it looks okay (especially seeing as the silver and green pieces are just scraps that I had in amongst all my bits and pieces)

My son is 8 and as a result most of the birthday parties that he goes to are for boys, so I need to try and figure out how to make some boy cards. One of the things that we do have lots of are Yugioh and Pokemon cards lying around, so I thought I would try to use a couple in cards. Once again, it's not quite there but he took it to a birthday party on Saturday and they seemed happy enough! I might work on this some more for some future birthday parties.

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