Thursday, April 26, 2007

Book Binge

There are two definitions for book binge in this post.

Book Binge: The name of a new blog featuring Holly, Isabel and Rowena who used to post at Sanctuary's Finest, but have decided that it is time for a fresh start!

Help spread the word about their new blog and you can win some books! You can find more details here.

Book Binge: What I seem to be in the middle of at the moment!! I was having a look at one of the spreadsheets that I use to keep track of what books I own, what books I want to read and what books I have out from the library and when they are due back, and I was shocked to realise that I seem to have been in a bit of a book buying frenzy over the last few months!

In the middle of last year I was a bit worried that my book spending had gotten a bit out of control, so I decided to limit the number of books that I bought, and I did really well for a while! Here's a list of the number of books I bought each month:

July 7
August 0
September 4
October 2
November 4
December 19
January 7
February 4
March 11
April 14

Of course realising this today didn't stop me from placing orders for four books today, and I have 3 sitting in my basket on The Book Depository as well!

The really shocking statistic out of all of that is that of the 72 books that I have acquired (because some of them have been freebies) since July last year, I have actually only read 22 of them!

And while I am talking about my TBR pile, might as well do a list of what I have out from the library at the moment!

1. Abundance : a novel of Marie Antoinette by Naslund, Sena Jeter
2. Baby proof by Giffin, Emily
3. Beyblade : official handbook by MacKinnon, J. (No, not mine!)
4. The book thief by Zusak, Markus (I've borrowed this about three times now but it keeps on getting requested - hopefully this time I will actually get to read it!)
5. Borrower of the night by Peters, Elizabeth
6. The bride finder by Carroll, Susan
7. Burning bright by Chevalier, Tracy
8. Chill factor by Caine, Rachel
9. The Christmas quilt by Chiaverini, Jennifer
10. City of glory : a novel of war and desire in Old Manhattan by Swerling, Beverly
11. David Golder by Nemirovsky, Irene
12. Death at Victoria Dock by Greenwood, Kerry
13. The deception of the emerald ring by Willig, Lauren (reading this at the moment)
14. Dime store magic by Armstrong, Kelley
15. Dreaming the bull by Scott, Manda
16. Excalibur (a collection of short stories)
17. Forever in blue by Brashares, Ann
18. Grave sight by Harris, Charlaine
19. Half of a yellow sun by Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi (for my Orange shortlist reading)
20. The hippopotamus pool by Peters, Elizabeth
21. Hot stuff by Evanovich, Janet
22. The hummingbird's daughter by Urre, Luis Alberto
23. It's in his kiss by Quinn, Julia
24. The last man standing by Child, Maureen (This also has a book by Nalini Singh in it so that is why I am getting it.)
25. Loyalty in death by Robb, J.D.
26. The many lives & secret sorrows of Josephine B. by Gullard, Sandra (finished this just haven't returned it yet)
27. A match made in Scotland by Thomas, Melody (actual book title is A Match Made in Scandal, but Scotland is close enough!)
28. My best friend's girl by Koomson, Dorothy
29. My pleasure by Brockway, Connie
30. One night with a prince by Jeffries, Sabrina
31. The pillars of the world by Bishop, Anne
32. The pirate queen by Norman, Diana
33. Pope Joan by Cross, Donna Woolfolk
34. Postcards from the bed by Keyes, Marian
35. Regency scandals by Gaston, Diane
36. The road by McCarthy, Cormac (reading this at the moment)
37. The scarlet lion by Chadwick, Elizabeth
38. Shadows in bronze by Davis, Lindsey
39. Stranger in my arms by Kleypas, Lisa
40. The temple dancer : a novel of India by Speed, John
41. The tilecutter's penny by Mor, Caiseal
42. Valley of silence by Roberts, Nora (finished this as well)

Ready to pick up I have:

1. The Duke by Gaelen Foley

And on request I have:

1. All together dead by Harris, Charlaine
2. The boar stone by Watson, Jules
3. First among sequels by Fforde, Jasper
4. Lean mean thirteen by Evanovich, Janet
5. Miss Wonderful by Chase, Loretta
6. Mistress of the art of death by Franklin, Ariana (In transit, so I should be able to pick it up over the weekend)
7. New moon by Meyer, Stephenie
8. Night play by Kenyon, Sherrilyn (In mending, so goodness knows how long until I get it)
9. Portrait of an unknown woman by Bennett, Vanora
10. Sugar daddy by Kleypas, Lisa
11. Tales of passion, tales of woe by Gullard, Sandra
12. Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Crusie, Jennifer

Phew....when you look at lists like that it's easier to get a little overwhelmed!


  1. Look at all those pretty books...sigh. Wow, 19 in one month? Um, yeah, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I'm sure I've purchased that many, it just doesn't seem like it when you buy 2-3 books at a time.

  2. Don't worry Marg, I bet I have been on an even bigger book binge than you... that's why I don't keep track!

    And cool about Book Binge... I didn't know about their new blog!

  3. Are all those books out from the same library? Lucky you! I can only borrow 10 at a time. (Good for TBR pile control, though.)

    Haven't read most of the books on your list, except for the Julia Quinn (so-so) and Gaelen Foley's The Duke (better than average, swoony ending). But I borrowed and read Shadowheart by Laura Kinsale a few days ago and it totally floored me. I don't wanna give it back! *lol*

  4. Yep...all from the same library! I am pretty lucky with my library really.

  5. That's one serious TBR pile. I'd have a stroke if they were all on mine!

    Happy Reading!

  6. That's a lot of books, but less than you have had in the past, isn't it? You should read Dime Store Magic. :)

  7. What I haven't included is all the books that I owned before July last year that I haven't read yet!

  8. I don't feel so bad about my book binges now. LOL

  9. Sheesh....and I felt bad when I posted mine!! I bow in your presence though. When do find the time???

    By the way....READ The Book Thief! It's fantastic!

  10. Holy crap, that's a lot of books you got there sweetie, lucky!!! =)

    Happy Reading and thanks so much for the blog pimp! =)

  11. WOW so many books! I can't wait to read your reviews on some of your lists, that I've interested me because other readers talk about it.

    I too, can not wait for Janet Evanovich "Lean Mean Thirteen"! And Jennifer Crusie's "Unfortunate Miss Fortunes". But I reading it because not only Jennifer is in it but Anne Stuarts too. If you like very dark heroes then Anne's books is highly recommend :)

    Enjoy all your books and I be waiting for you reveiws on them *grin* :)

  12. I haven't read any Anne Stuart yet! Maybe I should!