Friday, April 13, 2007

Man Booker International Prize 2007

The list of contenders for the Man Booker Internation Prize 2007 has been announced, and the list is quite impressive (although there are a couple that I must confess I have never heard of, let alone read).

The list is:

Chinua Achebe
Margaret Atwood
John Banville
Peter Carey
Don DeLillo
Carlos Fuentes
Doris Lessing
Ian McEwan
Harry Mulisch
Alice Munro
Michael Ondaatje
Amos Oz
Philip Roth
Salman Rushdie
Michel Tournier

For more details, including a biography of each of the authors, you can find the details here


  1. Haven't read any of those authors, except for Harry Mulisch. he is Dutch, and he is one of our best writers. he wrote so much!!! My fav of his is 'The discovery of heaven". also made into a movie, English spoken. Check it out!!

  2. I don't know all of them either! And I really haven't read many of the ones on the list. I like Rushdie, but he certainly isn't for everyone. I also really like Margaret Atwood. I'd like to read Alice Munroe too. If there were only more hours in a day!!

    Of course, now that I'm sick, I don't even feel like reading. That's pretty bad, don't you think?

  3. That's not bad at all! I have got to the point where I can't get through any books if I am not catching the train to work!

    Take it easy!



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