Thursday, April 26, 2007


I saw the trailer for the next Harry Potter movie today, and it looked really, really good! Only problem is....I haven't read that book or the next books yet, and I have NO idea when I am going to fit either of them into the reading schedule!

What to do, what to do!


  1. I haven't read the Order of the Phoenix or the Half-Blood Prince yet either, but I started rereading the books last year and next in line is the Goblet of Fire. I want to finish all of them before the new one comes out!

  2. Marg--Make time for Harry Potter!!! You can't see the movie first, you just can't. The book is sure to be a million times better and it will ruin all the surprises!!

    Ok, just my opinion. I'm a bit of a HP freak. ;)

  3. I was very freaky myself for the first four books but I just haven't been able to fit the fifth book in, but I will!

  4. Marg, I'm gonna join Jennie in urgign you to read OoTP asap. It's better than GOF!!! And HBP is even better than Phoenix.

    You've just got to read it before you watch this 5th movie. My daughter is reading OoTP now in anticipation of the movie. She's as much a HP freak as I am.

  5. Hmm, I'd recommend that you read the books before seeing the film. And I agree with the ladies that the later the book in the series is, the better it is. I don't think it'll be hard for you to find time to read the books...I'm sure that by the time you start them you'll have a hard time getting away from them until you finish every book you haven't read yet. :o)

  6. I'm on book #3 of Harry Potter, and have seen all the movies that were out. I find though, that the books give you more info and deep depth into the stories then the movies does. Some of the movies are cut out from lot of good scenes that I thought is important part of the story, which you will find more of from the books. But the movies are all great!

    I would suggested what everyone the books first before watching the movies :)