Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks

Dear Reader,Cate Madigan isn't asking for trouble. Her wacky Irish family is constantly playing matchmaker for her with men who leave much to be desired. All she wants is peace and quiet and a nice place to live while she saves her money from tending bar in a lively Boston pub. Okay, so what if her roommate is a cross-dressing lounge singer named Marty Longfellow? In exchange for cheap rent, all she has to do is take care of his plants and collect his mail when he's out of town. And then . . . Marty disappears. At the same time, a bullmastiff named Beast shows up with instructions from Marty to take care of him. Can Cate handle this 120-pound bundle of joy who wants to devour everything in sight? Ex-cop Kellen McBride has decided to make Cate's bar his nightly hang-out. But is he just there for the beer? Or does he have an ulterior motive for getting close to Cate? When Cate comes home to a ransacked apartment, she realizes Kellen knows more than he's saying. Problem is, he's turning up the heat in her life - in more ways than one. Soon Cate finds herself in deep trouble with mysterious stalkers, a lovesick would-be boyfriend named Patrick Pugg, two friends who are looking for love, and the very sexy, possibly dangerous Kellen McBride. The south side of Boston has never been wilder....Happy Listening!Janet and Leanne

Another book....another start to a new series! Another collaboration from Janet Evanovich, this time with Leanne Banks, who I have never read before. In comparison to the early books in the Full Series, this was a much better beginning....but it's still not up there with the Plum books! Then again I am beginning to wonder if I should just read only the Plum books and be done with it!

In this book, we meet Cate Madigan. She is a bartender, who is also studying to be a teacher, oh and she makes fantastic cakes for fun! She shares an apartment with cross-dressing entertainer Marty Longfellow. He lives his life, and she just shares his place, so when he starts to be threatened and then disappears altogether she has no clue as to why. Around the same time as all this happens, Cate meets Kellen McBride and sparks fly. Before she knows it, he has been for dinner with her crazy family at Plums...erm, I mean Madigans, but is he on the up and up?

There is plenty of trademark Evanovich here - the big dog, the crazy family, the odd characters, murder and mayhem etc. I don't know what Banks' trademarks are so I have no idea whether or not any of them are in the book or not!

As I is a better start to the series than either the Full series or the Alex Barnaby series, so I will keep borrowing it from the library if there are more books written!

Rating 3.5/5

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  1. This is totally off-topic, but I've been wondering a while. Do you know anyone besides me who posts their own fiction on their blog? If so, please let me know.


  2. I've decided I am a Plum-only Evanovich fan. I've been disappointed too many times. :)

  3. Thanks Marg! I knew if anyone would be able to tell me it would be you.




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