Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just needed some inspiration!

What I actually need to do is make a stockpile of cards that I can adapt for messages like Hi, Enjoy and Have a good day!

I am sending a book to an online friend who has just come home from living in Korea, so just needed to whip up something quick to send with the book. Not bad for a very quick effort.

These are the same bottletop stickers that I used for my sister's birthday card. I've got two more lots of them to use. I know when I am going to use one, but I want to move away from using it on black when I do make that card!


  1. I've seen a number of Oz-ian visits to my website thetempledancer.com. I then noticed that you say you are reading "The Temple Dancer".

    Has this book been released in Oz?

    Anyway, I do hope you enjoy it. I think it's in a very different vein from the other sorts of books in your list of reads.

    John Speed

  2. I got it from my library. I have checked on a couple of Australian bookstore sites. Tiger Claws is listed on a couple of them, but not The Temple Dancer, so I don't know how extensive the Aussie release was. There will be a review up on my reading blog in a while.

  3. Love the cards! Great work! :)

  4. Linked in from your Booking Thru Thrusday post --- love the cards also love that you're using up some supplies you already had. Great ideas. Since I both stamp and scrap I'll probably check back in.
    Have a Happy!

  5. Marg,

    You make cards, too! How wonderful! I don't do it as much as I would like because it makes me feel guilty that I'm not working on my daughters' scrapbooks... :) I'll have to check this blog out for some inspiration.


  6. Thanks I needed insperation for a scrapbook page visit snuggledachshund.blogspot.com



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