Saturday, May 19, 2007

More series I forgot!

Thrillseekers Anonymous series by Julia London - I am waiting impatiently for the third book in that trilogy to come out later this year!

Debbie MacComber's Blossom Street series - nice stories, so I will probably try and read the third book when it comes out

Brotherhood of the Sword series and Lords of Avalon series by Kinley MacGregor

Still have to read the third book in the trilogy by Posie Graham-Evans

I have the second book (City of Glory) from Beverly Swerling which follows the characters from City of Dreams

Anne Easter Smith has confirmed that there are going to be three more books in her series about The War of the Roses.

I forgot Harry Potter as well!! How could I forget Harry?

Jen reminded me about Philippa Gregory's Tudor series. I know I thought about having them in the list but somehow it slipped through! I still have The Boleyn Inheritance here to read!'s worse than I thought!


  1. It seems like every single book I read is part of a series! LOL I think you've mentioned most all of the series I read.

    I just finished The Templar Knight series by Mary Reed McCall. I also like Celeste Bradley's Liars' Club and Royal Four series. Oh! And Philippa Gregory's Tudor series.

    That's all the extras I can think of at the moment.

  2. I've read the Celeste Bradley books. I have finished The Royal Four series, and I didn't include the Liar's Club series because I wasn't sure if there was going to be another book in that series. Last I heard she is working on a new series.

    I think I had Philippa Gregory somewhere! I still have the last book of hers to read, despite the fact that I got a personally autographed copy of it!

  3. I'm waiting for Julia London's third book to the "Thrillseekers Anonymous" series too..

    I haven't read MacGregor's Brotherhood of the Sword series yet but I'm thinking about it.

  4. Julia, Born in Sin is one of my favourite romances!

  5. I was going to post that I think you've got me beat when it comes to series, but I think Jenster is right. It seems like almost every book I read any more is part of a series. We just can't get enough, huh?