Thursday, May 31, 2007

Paper or Plastic

This week's Booking Through Thursday questions:

* Do you read e-Books?
* If so, how? On your computer, or a PDA?
* Or are you a paper purist? Why?

I have only read a couple of e-Books. If I ever get around to buying an e-reader I can definitely see myself reading more, but on the odd occasion when I do read one it is a bit of a pain to sit at the computer to read. Having said that, I do have several unread ebooks saved at the moment! One of these days I will read them.

I have to admit that I do love books, so I don't think that ebooks will ever replace paper books for me!


  1. I prefer paper books as well! I dont think I can sit in front of the computer and read through an e-book or even have it printed out.

    My answer is up here

  2. I would so much rather have an actual book in my hand!! The e-book thing just doesn't interest me!!

  3. I thought I was on the fence there about a year ago but I know now that I have no interest in buying e-books. I prefer the paper and it helps that I can't lose them if the computer crashes ;)


  4. Marg - So happy to see you participatation in this meme! First time ever I seen your ;)

    Like you, I were't mind reading e-books but I just cant sit in front of computer all days. It'll give me headache :) And I agree about ebooks can never replace paper books!

    Hope to see more of you in this meme...Happy belated Booking Through Thursday!

  5. I prefer to hold my books in my greedy little hands. Plus the screen glare is a killer!

  6. I don't mind reading the occasional short story on the computer, but I don't think it would be very comfortable to read an entire book that way. An Ebook Reader is a different story altogether. I can see myself reading that way. Still, nothing beats reading a print book. :-)

  7. Ɓlthough I have tons of ebooks it's seldom that I actually read one of them. I much prefer paper books although I even got a PDA thinking that would make it easy to adapt. It's just not the same thing...

  8. the first and last e-book I purchased was Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors and while it is a great book, I too found it annoying to be stuck in front of a computer to read it and not able to snuggle up in bed or take it on transport. So for now it will stay paper for me too.

  9. I prefer paper myself! I just turned down an offer of a e-book from a series I read, the book hasn't even been published yet. I'd just rather wait and sit in a chair and read at home.

    Great Blog Marg!

  10. Hi, Marg! Just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    Old-fashioned books are the way to go -- you can't beat them for portability and quick flipping through pages. Plus there's no screen glare...

  11. I'm a papergirl too. I have a few e-books but since I don't have an e-reader, I just read them on the old computer and it just isn't the same. My favourite e-book I bought in paper so I could hold it and carry it around with me (Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee)

  12. I've always preferred REAL books rather than read e-books. With paper books, I get the chance to get comfy on a sofa and lose myself in the book.

    Anyway, staring too long at a computer screen isn't good for the eyes. But, my point is that I get more fun reading a paper book. The old-fashioned way rocks!

  13. Hi again,

    I like your blog and just added it to my blogroll. =)