Monday, June 25, 2007

Am I kidding myself?

I am trying to convince myself that my library list is now a bit more under control. is if you only look at the books I have on request! There is only one of the 11 books on request that the library already owns...the rest are books on order. Can't get much better than that surely.

Pardon? What's that you asked? How many library books do I have out at the moment? Well.....45......but we don't want to talk about that right now!


  1. You're doing library borrowers a huge service by ordering all those books. I always mean to fill in the forms to request new books but I keep forgetting.

  2. What I've done is instead of requesting the books(the 40+ on my list), I've but them on my wish list. My library rocks! This way I can request them a few at a time and I won't forget what they were. Woot! See, my TBR stack at this point (books I own or have been loaned) is 100+, so I really need to put a dent in that before I move on to more from the library. Although, the big names like La Nora, Janet Evanovich, etc., those WILL come first *G*

  3. 45 books checked out? You are either brave or crazy. Do you feel alot of pressure with them sitting there staring you in the face? Does the pile of books taunt you? Mine do. All the time. I was wondering if it was just me or if other people have books that jeer at them. ;)

  4. LOL Marg 45? I don't think the libraries here let us request that many books or else I might be tempted to go there more often. Of course they also don't have the books I want to read but that's another story...

  5. WOW 45 books! I agree with Kat0+ that you are doing the library a huge seervice and favor by ordering these books ;)

    When you are ale to talk about it, let us know what did you get LOL

  6. 45!?! Did you say 45! hehehe



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