Thursday, July 26, 2007

Best Moustache Twirling

This week's Booking Through Thursday question:

Who’s the worst fictional villain you can think of? As in, the one you hate the most, find the most evil, are happiest to see defeated? Not the cardboard, two-dimensional variety, but the most deliciously-written, most entertaining, best villain? Not necessarily the most “evil,” so much as the best-conceived on the part of the author…oh, you know what I mean!

I am still feeling pretty crap, so my brain isn't really functioning properly tonight, so I am going to fall back on an old favourite and say that the worst villain is Black Jack Randall from the Outlander series. He is really evil, but Diana Gabaldon made his reasons for being like he was quite complex.

Poor Jamie......sigh!


  1. Interesting one, your choice. :)

    Thanks for coming to visit me. Happy BTT!

  2. I'll second that . . . he was my first thought too!

  3. I think Chris said the same. I don't know the series though, is it any good?

  4. One of these days, I will have to READ the Outlander series!!

  5. I agree. I don't think I've ever read of a worse villain. But I love how DG makes him so complex. She's very good at writing characters. And yes. Poor Jamie.

  6. He is a fantastic villain and one that I had not even considered. I have just finished the 6th book and, although not as good as the rest, I still enjoyed it greatly.

  7. We matched! I answered Black Jack too!

  8. Why didn't I think of Black Jack Randall! I totally agree with you. And the Outlander series happen to be one of my favorite series...I love Jamie...*sigh*. Great choice!

    Happy Booking Through Thursday!

  9. I haven't read any of Diana's books, I'm afraid, but I noticed his name came up in someone else's response too. He must really be evil!



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