Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Last Reilly Standing by Maureen Child

Only three more weeks and he'd be the winner of the no-sex-for-ninety-days bet he made with his brothers. Aidan could almost taste victory! Then he'd met Terry Evans...

Her voice was just the kind a man liked to hear coming from the pillow beside his. Aidan groaned from the absolute misery of having to look at this gorgeous woman and not be able to turn on his usual Reilly charm. It would not be easy to be the last Reilly standing.

This book was actually part of a 2-in-1 book that I borrowed from the library because the other book was Nalini Singh's Craving Beauty that I wanted to read. If it wasn't for that, I doubt that I would ever have picked this book up! That would have been a shame because I really enjoyed it.

Aidan Reilly had made a bet with his two brothers - no sex for 90 days - and he was only 3 weeks away from claiming his prize! His other two brothers had already given up on the bet, and if he could last the distance he would get not only a fair sum of money, but also bragging rights forever!

And then he met Terry Evans. Terry had come to town on a kind of vacation - she was going to look after her friend's bookstore for just a few weeks while her friend had a well deserved vacation! Terry was normally a high flying career woman and so some time in a sleepy town was just what she needed. It does begin to appear as though her friend might have been trying to play matchmaker when Terry meets Aidan for the first time, and they start talking.

Pretty soon, the hurricane warnings are not the only warnings required as Terry and Aidan become very close, very quickly!

Terry and Aidan both had some baggage from the past, and so whilst they fell in love very quickly, it did take them some time to come to terms with their feelings.

I loved the repartee that Aidan had going with his brothers, particularly their brother who was a priest (whose name escapes me right at this moment!) who seemed to know far more about the way women's minds worked than his worldly brothers. Also, the tension between Aidan and Terry was just sizzling!

It quite surprised me that I did enjoy this so much. I mean, I have never read a Navy Seal/Marine/Coastguard type romance before, even though I know that there are many popular authors out there that write these types of books. I don't read a lot of contemporary romances, and I don't normally start a trilogy with the third book. Then again, sometimes books just work for you and other times they just don't!

I am now on a mission to track down the first two books featuring the Reilly brothers!

Rating 4/5

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