Thursday, August 23, 2007

Book Binge Back to School Contest

The girls at Book Binge have come up with another fab contest!

It's that time again, Dear Readers. Back to school shopping and schedules. Homework and lunch money. Required reading and Algebra. Piece and quiet at home in the morning and crazy afternoons and after school sports and...

Another Book Binge Contest.

Yes, that's right, we here at Book Binge want to celebrate Back To School with another giveaway. But you have to work for it...and it comes with homework.

The Assignment:

Tell us what your favorite read in school was. What book was required reading that you just loved? Something you completely devoured. Or, if you can't think of one, what was the WORST read you had in school?

The Prize:

Leave your answer in the comments or on your own blog with a link and in honor of this being a Back To School contest, we're giving one lucky winner:

The entire Susan Elizabeth Phillips Stars/Bonner Brothers Football Series (Who didn't love a jock in HS? Even if he was an ass, he was still good to look at, right?)


Perfect and Paradise by Judith McNaught (A teacher, in keeping with our theme, and an old High School Flame)


if you're not interested in any of those...2 books of your choice.

The Homework:

We're asking that you do a guest review for Book Binge for at least one of the books (or all of them, if you prefer).


The contest ends Friday, August 31st and the winner will be announced Saturday, September 1st.

Due Date:

Homework review is due no later than two weeks after you receive your package of books (We'll be flexible about this, however, because we know real life intrudes on reading time now and again).

Kick the school year off right. Enter today!

And now for my answer!

I read just about anything I could get my hands on at school, but I do remember getting through every single Jean Plaidy book that my school had in the library in my reading for pleasure! My love for historical fiction started early!

Another book that I vividly remember include The Hobbit, but that was because it was the one time I actually liked the title page that I made for a project! I really don't have an artistic bone in my body, and art was the only subject I ever came close to failing because I hated it! The title page probably wasn't all that good, but at the time I liked it a lot!

My memory is really crap. Other books I do remember reading are Macbeth, a book by Graham Greene, Poor Man's Orange by Ruth Park (a good read set in Australia), The Summer of My German Soldier which I reread and reviewed a couple of years ago. There were loads of others, but I am struggling to remember them!


  1. Marg, I always forget you're from Australia. I was just reading your answers, what school did SHE go to. lol

    I think the only thing I read from your list was Macbeth, which I loved. :)

  2. Marg, thanks for the heads up on this contest. I don't quite understand the homework one. "Homework review is due no later than two weeks after you receive your package of books." What does that mean?

  3. I remember reading this one school too but don't remember much of the plot. Just the main theme of her hiding him.

  4. Booklogged, they will send you your prize and you need to do a guest review for their blog of one of the books that you chose.

  5. I read some of those too! The Graham Greene one that I read was The Power and the Glory. I didn't read Macbeth, but two other Shakespeare.
    One book we read in Year 12 and I loved was Schindlers Ark. Before the movie, may I add, and yes, it was Ark, not List in the original title.
    I loved that book, and thoroughly emjoyed reading it!

  6. Yes! The one that I read was The Power and the Glory!

    We also read King Lear as well.