Thursday, August 02, 2007

Letters!!! We get letters...

This week's Booking Through Thursday question:

Have you ever written an author a fan letter?

Did you get an answer?

Did it spark a conversation? A meeting?

(And, sure, I suppose that e-mails DO count . . . but I’d say no to something like a message board on which the author happens to participate.)

I don't know that I will ever be that great a fan girl, whether we are talking about for books or music. I was never one of those teenage girls who screamed at the sight of A-Ha, or Kids in the Kitchen, or Take That or whoever the hot band of the moment was. I am the same when it comes to authors. I will pimp them to anyone who listens, but I don't really write to them, or anything like that.

I do have a little bit of interaction with a couple of authors not in forums, but that has been more from a commercial transaction type of thing. I also participate in a couple of author forums, so I do have a little interaction there as well!

Maybe I should think about who I would write a letter too!


  1. I'm the same way. I'll blog about books all day and night but it just doesn't occur to me to write a fan letter. Happy BTT.

  2. Marg - a very interesting things to learn about you. It nice to be able to talk to the authors no matter where it is. Always nice to interact with them :)

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Same here, Marg. I think after this exercise, I'll start thinking about writing to my fav authors just to let them know how and what I feel... Happy BTT!