Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reading Challenges

One of the things I decided last year is that I definitely was not going to do any challenges this year because I have enough trouble keeping my library list under control let alone adding other lists to the equation. But I have to say that there was a new one posted today that is very tempting.

It's called The Pulitzer Project, and it's aim is to read all of the Pulitzer Prize winning novels. There is a list off all the winners at the link above, and if we are just looking at recent years, I am not doing too badly, having read 4 out of the last 5 winners, but before that...not so good! I am seriously contemplating joining up!

In other news, I have posted my review of The Temple Dancer by John Speed over at Historical Tapestry.


  1. I can never join challenges because I NEVER know what I'll be in the mood for and I can't force my self to read something I don't feel like reading. LOL.

  2. I love reading challenges - love thinking about what books to read for them and love reading the books. It forces me to read books I may not otherwise choose. That said, I am confidently going to pass on this one. Good luck to you. Sounds like you have a good start.

  3. I saw someone else had signed up for this one. Not sure it's for me, I am doing the Book Awards one and have picked out books I am pretty sure I will like so I am making an effort a little bit... I will look at the books though.



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