Friday, August 31, 2007

Reunion of Revenge by Kathie DeNosky

Thirteen years ago, Nick Daniels had been minutes away from marrying Cheyenne Holbrook when the wedding came to a startling halt. Forced out of town by Cheyenne's powerful, menacing father, Nick vowed to return and seek revenge on the woman he believed had turned on him.

Now, an unexpected inheritance made Nick the owner of a Wyoming ranch — and Cheyenne's boss. All Nick's fantasies for revenge were about to come true. But first he'd have to fight off some other desires. Ones that involved tempting Cheyenne into his bed — and marching her down the aisle once and for all....

You know how my last review said that I very rarely read a series out of order? Well, this is the second book in The Illegitimate Heirs trilogy, and I haven't read the first book!

I hadn't actually heard of this author before I read her. The only reason I did read her was that this book was in a 2-in-1 book with Nalini Singh's Secrets in the Marriage Bed, and I figured that seeing as I had it, I might as well read it and see how it was!

Nick Daniels has recently found out that far from being a man who has to work to make ends meet that he is actually heir to a fortune. His newly acquired grandmother has given him a ranch. Not just any ranch, but the ranch where he grew up, and where the woman he nearly married lived. When he gets to his new home, he is surprised to find the same woman still lives nearby, but now she is his employee as well - a situation that they will both find uncomfortable.

For Cheyenne, having Nick as her new boss is a nightmare, but she has no choice. She has a contract and has to work to be able to look after her disabled father. What Nick doesn't know, is that she has never met another man who she wanted to give herself too so she is still a virgin. When they decide to have a no strings affair, it isn't long before it isn't enough for either of them.

As romances go, this one was not too bad, but the whole "I haven't found anyone I wanted to have sex with for 13 years, but now that you are here I am going to have a full blown affair" thing doesn't really work for me, but other than that it was readable. There was one other twist at the end which I was left shaking my head at as well.

I was however interested enough to find out if the library has the other two books in the trilogy or not (which they do), but wouldn't have been interested enough to have to pay for the books! It's funny really, because this is the second new author I have found to read because their book was in a 2-for-1 deal with Nalini's books! The other one was Maureen Child who I enjoyed reading when I read The Last Reilly Standing.

Rating: 3.5/5

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