Sunday, August 26, 2007

Secrets in the Marriage Bed by Nalini Singh

They were reconciling. That was all Caleb Callaghan could focus on when his estranged wife, Vicki, shared the news of her pregnancy. He was determined that this time, the marriage would succeed, no matter what it took.

But was Vicki’s price too high? She wanted more than his love and support…she demanded honesty between them, starting with his secrets. But there was something in Caleb’s past he could not—would not—share. For the truth would only destroy them.

I am slowly working through Nalini Singh's backlist. So far, the Desire books have been a bit hit and miss, but I have to say that this one was a HIT! I love the idea that this story about a couple who are married, and now need to work through the issues that have caused them to separate and find their happy ever after.

Caleb and Vicki have been separated for two months, when she finds out that she is pregnant. As soon as she tells Caleb, he insists that he must move back into their home and is determined that he is going to do anything he can to put their marriage back together, but she is determined that things will NOT go back to the way they were. Revealing some of the secrets that they have held from each other is possibly a higher price than they expected, but as they work their way through the issues from their past, their underlying love for each other begins to work it's magic.

Vicki is sick of being a trophy wife, and wants to find something useful to do with herself. Caleb is a successful lawyer whose business has in the past kept him working long hours and leaving Vicki to herself. Part of the reason that Caleb has stayed away is that whilst he wants his wife badly, and loves her desperately, she is somewhat frigid towards him in the bedroom, and he feels as though she doesn't like him touching her. For Vicky, she needs to figure out why Caleb is so driven to be successful, but then lets his family walk all over him constantly.

I loved that this was a story that very much focused on two people trying hard to get their lives back on track, and that as they communicated honestly and openly with each other, their relationship became stronger and stronger.

I can't think of too many other romances where the hero and heroine are already married, and now are working their way through their issues. It must be a risk to write one because if the reader doesn't believe that they have dealt with everything there will be a risk that whilst the book ends in a HEA, the couple themselves might not make it forever, but this one was believable to me!

Rating 4.5/5

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  1. Yes, it was a good one, wasn't it? And completely different from the usual. Saw your comment at my blog, and you might be right, but that part still felt a bit too old-fashioned to me!