Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich

New secrets, old flames, and hidden agendas are about to send bounty hunter Stephanie Plum on her most outrageous adventure yet!

Mistake #1: Dickie Orr
Stephanie was married to him for about fifteen minutes before she caught him cheating on her arch nemesis, Joyce Barnhardt. Another fifteen minutes after that, Stephanie filed for divorce, hoping never to see either of them again.

Mistake #2: Doing favors for super bounty hunter Carlos Manoso (aka Ranger) Ranger needs Stephanie to meet with Dickie and find out if he's doing something shady. Turns out,, he is. Turns out, Dickie's also back to doing Joyce Barnhardt. And it turns out Ranger's favors always come with a price...

Mistake #3: Going completely nutso while doing the favor for Ranger and trying to apply bodily injury to Dickie in front of the entire office. Now Dickie has disappeared and Stephanie is the natural suspect in his disappearance. Is Dickie dead? Can he be found? And can Stephanie Plum stay one step ahead in this new, dangerous game? Joe Morelli, the hottest cop in Trenton, New Jersey, is also keeping Stephanie on her toes - and he may know more than he's saying about many things in Stephanie's life.

It's a cat-and-mouse game for Stephanie Plum wherein the ultimate prize might be her life.
With Janet Evanovich's flair for hilarious situations, breathtaking action, and unforgettable characters, Lean Mean Thirteen shows why no one can beat Evanovich for blockbuster entertainment.

I will start out by saying that I was a little underwhelmed with this entry in the Stephanie Plum series of mysteries. I had thought that Janet Evanovich was back at least nearer to top form in Twelve Sharp, but this one wasn't as laugh out loud funny as some of the other books in the series were. I'm not saying that it was terrible, but I didn't think it was fantastic either.

Stephanie is still crap at capturing her FTA's, she is shuffling back and forward between Ranger and Morelli, still getting herself into terrible scrapes and things get blown up. This time, Ranger asks Stephanie to plant a bug in her ex-husbands office and so she goes there and causes a scene. Unfortunately for Stephanie, Dickie then goes missing and Stephanie is the most obvious suspect. Then his business partners start disappearing as well, and it becomes obvious that there is something big going down!

For me, as a fan of the series, I have come to expect little character development. I would however really like to hear something about Steph's mum doing something in a future book other than just cooking, ironing or drinking.

I am finding the secondary relationship between Lula and Tank quite's hoping for a HEA for those two!

As to the always interesting question of Ranger vs Morelli - I am still firmly in the cupcake corner, although Ranger is very tempting!

As always, I am looking forward to the next book in the series, although hopefully it will be better than this one.

Rating 3.5/5


  1. I didn't like TWELVE SHARP at all, but went ahead and read LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN anyway. I can't see buying fourteen but am sure my curiosity will win out and I'll eventually read it...

  2. I stopped buying a couple of books back....I'm borrowing from the library!



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