Sunday, October 28, 2007

All quiet on the Kleypas front?

I was beginning to think that we were in a permanent ceasefire in the blog rumble that has been going on in romance land! Turns out that I just didn't know that Lisabea had taken matters into her own hands and created a poll for the best Kleypas hero on her blog! There isn't long left to vote, so you need to go over and show your love for Sebastian...err...or the other heroes on her poll soon!

One question though....where's Jack?

If his name was in the list it wouldn't exactly change my vote, but I would at least have to think about it a bit more!


  1. Of course it's a poll by a Derek fan so did the Sebastian fans learn about it in time to really weigh in and vote? I'm going over to check right now. ;-)

  2. I love Derek and Sebastian, but Zach is my guy. Let them fight over Derek and Seb - you can have Jack and I can have Zach *g*

  3. Well, mostly folks talk about Derek and Sebastian. I actually love Matthew Swift almost as much, so I had to add him as well.

  4. The poll was closed but I see Sebastian beat out Derek by a hair. Wait till Kristie sees that. I think I'll hide out since she only lives an hour from me ;)


  5. Rosie, looks like enough of us got there in time!

    Stacy, I haven't read Zach's book yet!

    Lisa, I was just kidding! It's interesting to see how different heroes affect us all differently. I had to think which book Matthew was from, so he doesn't seem to have made much of an impression on me!

  6. Cindy...sounds like a plan!

  7. I didn't actually like Scandal in Spring the first read through. Probably because I was BITTER about Cam...but now, I love it and Matthew Swift. meow.

  8. Hmm...sounds like Matthew might need a second chance.

  9. Shhhhhh - don't tell Sybil but Jack is my second fave of Lisa's heroes.
    And I'm just waiting for the AAR poll to come out since I think that will help immensely. I'm predicting Dreaming of You beats the pants off Devil in Winter so I'm laying low until then.

  10. it's a strategic period of quietness!



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