Monday, October 01, 2007

Death at Victoria Dock by Kerry Greenwood

There are some things that Phryne Fisher finds intolerable. Having her windscreen shattered by a bullet as she is driving past Melbourne's Victoria Dock, for instance, or discovering that bullets from the same gun have entered the body of a beautiful seventeen year old. Not to mention the ruin of her fur and lingerie as she holds the dying, bleeding boy.

Outraged by these crimes against property (and the senseless waste of human life), Phryne swears she will track down the young man killer's, and in doing so stumbles across the plans for a bank robbery and possible massacre. Phryne delves into life among the Trotskyites, tattoo parlours, pubs and spiritualist halls of 1920s Melbourne. There she discovers Peter - the battle-scarred, sexy, Slavic ex-anarchist - who she turns to for comfort and information. But then her beloved maid Dot is kidnapped and nothing can distract Phryne from revenge.

I have a confession to make. I finished this book so long ago, and know that I really liked it when I read it, but don't know how much of the storyline that I can remember. I am trying to catch up on reviews, but then I keep on finishing more books than I review!

I guess one thing about mystery series as well is that there is an element of sameness in the stories in the series - it is in the detail that the plot gets the individuality to distinguish one book from on another, but I think that the back cover blurb shows just how detailed the plot for this one really is!

The books that I have read in this series so far have all been good, and I would recommend them! I promise to do better...I really do!

Part of the reason for really enjoying this series is its Melbourne locations. It's a fairly safe bet to say that Phryne wouldn't recognise Victoria Dock as it is today!

Rating: 4/5

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