Saturday, October 20, 2007

The down side of library books

There is a down side to not buying books.

As a result of the blog war that I mentioned in my last post, I was thinking it would be really nice to skim through both books and just read some of my favourite passages. Only problem is that I borrowed both of those books from the library so I don't have them!

Darn it!


  1. Ugh ~ that's frustrating, Marg! I have favorite passages from both of them too ~ although, I do have a clear-cut favorite :D

  2. No need to re-read Marg cuz you know who rules your heart: Sebastian!!!

    Actually, I'm re-reading DoY right now. Kristie is very persuasive :)

  3. I've got books piled everywhere and since several people have been posting about these two books and characters I'm longing to do some re-reading myself.



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