Monday, October 15, 2007

Long Day!

It's been a long one today!

I left work half an hour earlier than I usually do so that I could get my son to basketball training on time, but the trains were bad that I ended up getting to where I pick him up from 10 minutes later than normal! So frustrating, even though it did mean that I got a bit more read of my book!

In other news, I have posted a review of The Observations by Jane Harris over at Historical Tapestry


  1. Isn't that just the way? Plan on being early and then due to whatever circumstances, end up running late anyway? As you said, it gave you more time to read :D

  2. Wow. That happened to me, too. Planned on having a relaxing Monday (and tomorrow off). Instead I worked a 12-hour day so that I can go to the dentist in peace. Ick.

  3. The idea of "picking someone up" by train is totally foreign to me, a fat American with a driveway full of cars (both living and dead . . . the cars, that is). Hope that was an unusual day for you.

  4. I drive to the train station, so cars are very much part of the culture here!

  5. Know just how you feel, trains must be pretty much bad wherever you are! I once had a 50 minute journey turn into a 3 1/2 hour journey!

  6. That's my worst nightmare!



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