Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Surrender by Connie Brockway

Charlotte Nash is the most impulsive of the Nash sisters. Using her position as one of London's most popular and naughty debutantes, she assists English spies in conveying messages that will help them infiltrate Napoleon's inner circle -- and fulfill the mission her father died trying to achieve. But only as a courtesan can she infiltrate London's most notorious gatherings and retrieve a crucial document. Is she ready to take part in a deception that will leave her reputation in shreds? And when Highlander Dand Ross -- a dangerous, disreputable blackguard -- reappears in her life and offers his aid, dare she accept it? The exquisite pleasure she finds in his arms might be worth the price of her surrender, but is the dark Highlander who loves her so passionately really just luring her toward the ultimate betrayal?

This is the third and final book in the Rose Hunter trilogy, following on from My Pleasure, and features the youngest of the Nash girls, Charlotte. Charlotte has always been considered to be just on the right side of too fast, willing to shock the people of the ton with her behaviour, without doing anything quite so rash as compromising herself! It turns out that part of her reason for behaving this way is that she is involved in a spy ring. She's not really in the centre of the ring, but she does find information out and pass it on to others to be used in the defense of the country.

In an effort to step up her usefulness Charlotte is determined to diffuse a very sensitive matter - find some documents that have disappeared and return them to their rightful owner, thus ensuring that there is no great scandal in the royal family. When one of the three men who promised to look after her family following the deaths of her parents reappears in her life, he is sufficiently dangerous enough to be able to help Charlotte gain entry to some of the more notorious and seedy parts of the ton, most specifically a house party in Scotland, but the only way she can do so is to act as though she is Dand's mistress for a period of time. Whilst it may be only an act, her reputation will never recover, and Charlotte must decide if serving her country is worth that risk. Also at risk....her heart, for even if Dand is only pretending to be in love with her, he is a very fine actor! The other question is...exactly which side IS Dand on?

As with the other books in this trilogy, this was an entertaining enough read, but not excellent enough to stick in my mind all that well! Charlotte's brother-in-laws make a brief but memorable cameo at the end of the book, including one of the more interesting final scenes in a book proper (in other words, not including the epilogue!)

Overall, I rated all three of the books in this trilogy the same, being 4/5. When I read back the reviews for the first two books, I noted that I was a bit hazy on the details of those as well because I was (as always) behind, behind, behind on my reviews! Maybe if I had written all three reviews sooner, I might have been better able to compose my thoughts as to why I rated them that highly. I obviously pretty much enjoyed them at the time of reading! Oh well.

I do have other books by this author on my TBR list, but I am not sure about how much of a hurry I will be in to read them. Anyone have any must read Brockway recommendations?

Rating 4/5


  1. Hi Marg! Catching up on your blog. I pulled My Pleasure out for a reread last night. I love that one (b/c of the hero pretty much), while the other two were just one timers.

    I really, really love As You Desire, which takes place in Victorian Egypt. All Through the Night is pretty memorable as well. Brockway should stick to historicals.