Saturday, December 01, 2007

2007 Advent Blog Tour

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After the success of last years Advent blog tour, Kailana and I thought it would be fun if we had our own virtual advent calendar again this year. After all, why should the kids get all the fun of opening a box on the advent calendar and finding a little treat in there?

Each day anyone who wants to participate could take turns sharing a little treat with our friends here in blogland. For example it could be something about a holiday tradition, or a recipe, or a picture of a hot guy dressed as Santa, or a favourite Christmas memory, movie, song...anything you like. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas we would like to hear about what your family does during the holiday season, whether it be celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or anything!

We will create a list of links so that as people express interest we will add them to the list, and then we will post a link directing visitors to the appropriate blog. To give people a chance to get organised, we will start on Sunday 1 December. If there are more people than there are days that's fine too.....the more the merrier!

In addition to getting to see lots of fun things and maybe finding new blogs there is also a chance to win a copy of Christine Kingle by Lynn Brittney. We will draw the name of the winner out of the list of people who have signed up prior to the blog tour starting, so get in and sign up for your day soon!

1 December - Becky
2 December - Lisabea
3 December - Marg, Lady Tink
4 December - Valentina
5 December - Melissa
6 December - Laura
7 December - Wendy
8 December - Nymeth
9 December - Raidergirl, Chris
10 December - Dewey
11 December - Suey
12 December - Chris
13 December - Jill, Stephanie
14 December - Robyn
15 December - Alyssa
16 December - Rachel
17 December - Literary Feline
18 December - Dev
19 December - Callista
20 December - Tiny Little Librarian
21 December - Carla, Susan Higginbotham
22 December - Carolyn Jean
23 December - Booklogged
24 December - Kailana, Carl

Signing up is easy! Just leave a comment either on this post, or the similar one at Kailana's blog!


  1. Count me in. Do I pick my own date, or do you assign it? I'd like 12/18 ~ but anytime before 12/22 would work.

  2. Chris, book-a-rama, chose the 12th.

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  4. I put lisabea for the 2nd...

    Wendy, Caribousmom, is the 7th.
    Raidergirl3, An Adventure in Reading, has the 9th.

  5. I'll join in again this year. Can you put me down for Friday 21, if nobody else has got it?

  6. I'd love to participate. Put me in anytime--maybe December 15?

  7. Great! I look forward to seeing what you both come up with Carla and Alyssa!

  8. What a fun idea! Okay, I just started my blog, and it's so exciting, but since I'm still finding my way around, and I hardly have any posts, I should go late, maybe the 22nd?

  9. is it a year already? - far out. Cant this year...but I will visit when I can...

  10. Oh, i remember doing this at PS forum. Then someone sang that Frank Sinatra song, i think it was Evie. It was fun. *g*

  11. I read through that thread last night, and there was some great stuff in there!