Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's oh so quiet!

My son is on school camp on the moment, which means I have a couple of nights off from parental duties! Last night, I worked late, and then came home and ate dinner and just enjoyed the silence - no TV, no music, no anything! So quiet. Truth be told, too quiet! Then I even managed to start making some Christmas cards! Shocking I know! All my card making things have been packed up for months!

Tonight I went out for dinner with friends, to a restaurant about 45 minutes away. The food was great, but man, the portion sizes were massive! They offered dessert and we were all saying "only if they come in a kids portion" which they don't!

I do have a bit of a rant though I suppose. I was driving home at 10pm at night, and got stuck in a traffic jam on the highway! How can that be? Well, it turns out that they are doing roadworks, and I understand that they need to do them some time because they can't do them during peak hour for obvious reasons, but why did they need to do them the one night in months that I will be driving down the road???

Tomorrow I have the day off of work, so I can sleep in a little, and then into the city for a book signing with Paullina Simons. Then it will be time to pick my son up again, and the noise will start all over again!

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