Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nineteen by Redgum

I heard this song on the radio yesterday for the first time in years, and I realised afresh how poignant the words are, especially seeing as over the last couple of weeks we have had our first fatalities in active combat in Afghanistan. Australia has been very lucky not to have lost more of our brave diggers so far in either Afghanistan or Iraq.


  1. Marg, my deepest condolences on the loss of your Australian heroes. Luck may have something to do with not losing too many but I'm thinking it's your countrymen's and women's skill that has kept them alive as long as this.

    I'm sorry for your country's loss and for those families left behind.


  2. Marg thanks for posting this. I've been sitting here catching up on my blog hopping and feeling a bit sorry for myself because besides having to replace the tires on one car we had to do brakes on another.

    Seeing this video reminded me that bills for car repairs are nothing in comparison. Oddly it made me feel better.