Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paullina Simons giveaway

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I don't normally do a lot of posts about what I am reading now, I am more inclined to post once I have actually finished the book. I am, however, going to make an exception today and I promise there is a good reason for doing so!

Today, I started reading Paullina Simons' new book, which is called Road to Paradise! I am a total Paullina fan girl, having been introduced to her writing through the fabulous The Bronze Horseman, and then going on to read the other books in the trilogy, and then most of her other books. I do have two of her books still left to read that I will get to eventually. In fact, I am such a fan girl, I am going to not one but two events when Paullina tours Australia later in November.

As much as I love to spread the Paullina Simons love, there is a major problem. Her books are so darned hard to come by, particularly in the US. Whilst it appears as though Road to Paradise is being released in Canada next month, the release date is much later in the UK, and who knows when it will be released in the US. So, I have decided that I will do a little something to help rectify this and I am going to give away a copy of Road to Paradise! Who knows, I might even throw in a copy of Tatiana's Table (or one of her other books) as well, depending on postage costs.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post before Sunday 11 November.

It's 1981 and Shelby Sloane gets a canary yellow Mustang convertible as a graduation present. She plans an odyssey to find her mother who left her many years earlier. When Shelby's former best friend Gina asks to come along, Shelby reluctantly agrees.

When they see a young woman hitchhiking on the side of a country road, they don't want to pick her up. They turn their gaze away. But days later, they find her again. Candy gets in. She needs to get to Paradise – that's Paradise, California. But she is beset by dangers on a scale beyond the wildest imaginings of Shelby and Gina. She sucks them into her treacherous world and her own frightful journey.

The ride that began with high spirits and good humour proceeds into the darkest backroads of America, when Shelby, Candy and Gina are forced to make real moral choices that have critical consequences for their future, and by their ordeals they take a very different journey.

In case you are interested you can read my review of The Summer Garden, the third book in the Bronze Horseman trilogy by clicking on the link.


  1. I was wrong about that book in Canada. I think the one that says it is coming out next month will likely not happen because I think it is an import copy. The date I think is more likely is in 2008. So, yeah, count me in on a chance for a free book. :)

  2. Wow, this is such high praise.. I've never heard of this author and now I feel deprived. I did look on though and I see her books there - $10 each though. I have to check this author out!

  3. sign me up for the giveaway. i'm a bronze horseman fan. thx

  4. As you know Im in OZ too so getting her books is not a problem for me.

    I am going to her signing up here, where have you found 2 places to attend?

    Hey 29 days to for me...
    hmm maybe I better get back to her webiste.

    I see a change in cover format? Interesting

  5. I am going to the signing in the city on the Friday, and then the dinner at Camberwell on Saturday!

  6. Ach! I've been wanting her Bronze Horseman trilogy for ever, but won't pay the prices for it here in the States. What's up with that??

  7. I'm writing this from Australia and i have to say, i feel for you not finding it easy to get hold of Paullina's books. I have had no problems getting hold of copies of all of her books her and am certainly looking forward to her book tour here later this month. Road to Paradise is yet to be released her though i believe it shouldn't be too far away. I'm a huge fan of her writing and can't wait to get my hands on a copy of her new book!!

  8. I'm not leaving a message in hopes of getting the book as it's already being sent my way...but Marg, darlin, that's one great giveaway! YOU ROCK!


  9. What a great giveaway, Marg! Thanks so much :D

  10. Marg, am i qualified to join? :P I want to meet Paullina too. *sniff* When exactly is the signing? This last Friday or this coming one?

  11. You are qualified to join. The signings are in a couple of weeks time!

  12. How did I miss this? Marg, you rock, woman--what a generous offer. I learned a factoid today about Australia. It has a population of 21 million and Paullina's publisher treats her well there. In the US, we have 303 million ppl, 19 million in NYC alone (where she lives)...and yet we are the last in line for the books. *scatching head at the irony*

  13. I don't did you miss this???

    I have no idea why the publishers are so bad to her in the US! I am hoping to ask the question to her ... maybe!