Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Paullina Simons interview

It probably hasn't escaped your attention over the last couple of weeks, that I am in the midst of a Paullina Simons obsession at the moment! It will probably calm down after the weekend when all the author events are over and done with!

In the meantime, so that others can share my obsession, below is a link to an interview that Paullina did on our Today Show this morning talking about Road to Paradise! I knew what she looked like, but I think I imagined a different, more Russian, accent!

Click here.


  1. Marg, thanks for letting me know about this. I'm gonna steal it for my blog, heh. :P I think you got the wrong link though. I got some dude talking about politics. I looked for it and got this one:


  2. Weird...it worked yesterday!

  3. MARG! how fantastic to find this..i forgot to allow for daylight savings...
    Just a few days to till she is here,I am 1/3 into the book.
    It's great of course. I am looking forward to your book signing and dinner reviews.



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