Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 Blog Tour - Day 13

More than half way through now. Are you all organised for the big day? I my head! In actuality I'm nowhere near ready. Why is it that some people in your life are allowed to insist that I need to have a list for both myself and my son of what we would like, but when I ask them what they would like the answer is always 'oh, I don't know...anything'? Anyway...moving on!

Today we are visiting with Jill and with Stephanie.

Hope you enjoy their offerings!

13 December - Jill, Stephanie (Written Word)
14 December - Robyn
15 December - Alyssa,
16 December - Rachel
17 December - Literary Feline
18 December - Dev,Stephanie (Confessions of a Book-a-holic)
19 December - Callista
20 December - Tiny Little Librarian
21 December - Carla, Susan Higginbotham
22 December - Carolyn Jean
23 December - Booklogged
24 December - Kailana, Carl

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